Minecraft Server Offline

    By Lupich,

    Due to a lack of activity/interest the vanilla Minecraft server has been taken offline for the time being.


    There has been some interest in running a custom FTB server or something similar, which if enough people want - I will gladly throw up a server for everyone to play on! It seems like we're having enough fun with other games for now.


    Personally I am a lot less active during the summer, I am taking advantage of the weather and playing Minecraft IRL.

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    Minecraft Server Updated to 1.9.2

    By Lupich,

    Good news everyone! The Minecraft server has been updated to 1.9.2 - if you notice anything wrong please let me know as soon as possible.

    Please update your game clients to the latest version and invite all your friends to play!

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    Minecraft 1.9.2 - Hold Your Horses!

    By Lupich,

    Today, MojangleSoft has released update 1.9.2 - It sounds like it has some notable updates such as making Diamond armor "the best" once again and some other minor fixes, however, until I can confirm that the map generator will not be affected by this patch I will delay updating the server.


    Please set your launcher to run 1.9 vanilla if you wish to join the server! Thanks!

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    Minecraft Server Outage

    By Lupich,

    That really sucked.


    So last night while about 7 of us were enjoying the fresh server, just digging into the new world the server had crashed. I completely lost ability to connect to the server in any way, and when I contacted the hosting company they stated they had a power outage at the data center.


    I forced myself awake until 1AM with no resolution provided by the host. This morning I was able to restart the server, however, our map file is corrupted and there are missing chunks everywhere on the map. Since we only put about 2 hours into the server overall, I believe for longevity that a map reset will be the best way to go.


    The server is now back online and operational, this was a rare occurrence and I don't expect this sort of failure to happen again. Sorry guys.

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